How are you behaving?

I have a dream.

It’s incredibly awesome. It’s certainly bigger than I am. And from where I stand at this moment, it almost looks mammothly impossible. You see sometimes I get caught up in that last bit there – that impossible part, forgetting the possibility that the almost offers. My tendency, at those times, is to behave like it’s impossible.

The more I’m living life, the more I’m understanding that it’s equally important for my behavior, actions and words to align with my dreams. That’s not the same as when people say “Fake it, till you mean it“. It’s not that at all. It’s more to do with conviction. It’s more to do with winning that mental battle. It’s more to do with faith in spite of what really seems.

have faith
Faith. Soak in that word. Faith.

Pickle yourself in faith. Because it is hard work AND faith that will carry you into the threshold of your victory. Your dream.

So, how are you behaving? Do you really believe that your dreams will come true?

Necessary separation

My mum and I took a day to clean our house sometime recently. While cleaning, it so happened that we accidently lost something that had been with us for years, in the process.

It wasn’t something that held sentimental value for me to feel that way. Yet, there was part of me that momentarily flashed with the pain of separation, and having to let it go. A fear of the unknown took over. And a pain of the known too.

It took me a few moments to tide over that feeling. When processing my reaction later that day, it hit me that while clinging onto the known, I was simultaneously depriving myself of fresh beginnings and new memories. And isn’t that what life is all about?

If you’re anything like me, you’d probably agree that change would probably never be a best friend.

We like the comfort of the known. We like where we are. And o boy, do we like holding on. Be it things, emotions or even people.

Some parts of  our lives need a fresh start. If we’re aiming for progress, we need to declutter, unclog and unload. It’s awfully difficult to enter a new phase of life with baggages from the previous one. Imagine the weight that’d be pulling you down. Slowing you down.

Clinging onto to the past too much hinders our progress. It calls for necessary separation.

Just ask the most successful person you know. Chances are that that successful someone has had to go through a period of necessary separation to make progress in the next season.

I said goodbye for a fresh beginning that day, and I meant it. It was necessary. It was a goodbye for my own good.

Try necessary separation. For your own good. For new memories.

One advice that could save you the confusion and wondering

Life is pretty straightforward at times. You don’t need to be a rationalist or a realist to figure that out. And yet, we’ve rigged and dogged it with so many complexities and drama. I’ve noticed this trend in my own life. There are so many times when I’m left with confusion and wonderment. Over something incredibly simple.

Life doesn’t have to be that way at all times. This is where that strangely simple advice comes of use.


Mysteries of life unravel with a question. Just think of it. As much as necessity is the mother of invention, a question is the mother of discovery. And the same goes for the complexities and drama in our lives. So, ask.

Uncertain about something? Just ask.

Didn’t hear it right the first time? Just ask.

Want something? Just ask.

Need a favor? Just ask.

So many matters can be attained or resolved by asking. This is not the say that you’ll always get the answer you’re looking for. But this is to say that you’ll get an answer. Period. After all, that’s better than having to live with confusion or heartbreak, right?

Ask and ye shall receive.

Don’t trust your emotions so much

Have you had moments when you feel incredibly high only to be bogged down a few minutes later?

Lately, I’ve noticed how emotions and feelings erratically fluctuate. There are those windfall moments. High and lows. Strange as it may sound, some low moments don’t even make sense. It’s like our hearts break for no reason. Grief just takes over for…nothing really.

Emotions are beautiful. We were fashioned to experience them for a reason. It makes life more “real”, more believable and more tangible. But don’t trust emotions to always tell you the truth. It’s unreliable, that’s why.

Take, for example, those moments of highs and lows you experience in a day. I think that’s why we need to watch the way we evaluate situations or circumstances and people. Of course this doesn’t mean that we should completely discredit our emotions. Striking a balance somewhere is the key.

Lean in and I’ll tell you a fundamental tenet of life. No matter what we’re “feeling”, there is something we need to remember – the truth is still true. Truth isn’t swayed by unbelief or even faith. It remains true in either way – whether you believe it or not. And I love that about the truth.

Meditate on the nature of God for a minute. His promises remain true no matter what you’re going through or what you feel. He remains faithful, even if we aren’t. I think that absolute truth brings about a stability unknown to human life otherwise.

Don’t trust your emotion so much. Search carefully for the truth though. You can always trust it to be the real indicator of where you stand in your life.